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The processing time for a PA birth certificate is days we live in Arkansas , we need it to order the passport and we are leaving in 7 weeks to go out of the country.

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Hello Kayse. Thanks for reaching out to us. I have forwarded your email address on to our customer service department and asked them to assist you with this. If you do not receive an email correspondence from us, please send the description of your issue along with your phone number to Vitals. Research vitalchek. When did the United States change the look of the birth certificate.

His birth certificate is blue and has the decorative border. Usually about every 5 years or so the look can change however the information on the certificate should remain the same. Its recommended that if your birth certificate is over 10 years old to order an updated version due to the changes in security and requirements of some DMV offices. A friend has two birth certificates, one from Florida and one from Pennsylvania.

The bigger issue is that the Florida one says he was born in and the PA one says , same birth day though. The Florida one says his mother with her current last name, not maiden , and fathers name of the person he says is his father. The PA cert says his mothers maiden name and a different father of whom he shares a last name. He uses the Pennsylvania birth certificate and his drivers license has the date. Also, if you do a people search it says the age that matches the date.

The Florida birth certificate was just received in the mail, I guess from vital records, the PA one says it was issued in Is this even a possibility to get a fake birth certificate? Please let me know what you think. The bigger issue is definitely the fact that he has 2 birth certificate from 2 different states. You can only have a birth certificate from the state you born in. Unless you are adopted, then you could possibly have a birth certificate issued from the state you were adopted in and the state your were born in.

However once you are adopted the original certificate is not longer valid and should no longer be able to obtain that record. Since you say this person was never adopted and you are absolutely positive about this. This is the state that he would need to contact about any incorrect information listed on the record. Once he contacts them let them know the situation about 2 different certificate from 2 different states. They should be able to shine some light on the situation. It would most likely be highly illegal since that usually is what establishes proof of citizenship and identity.

I hope that your friend is able to figure out whats going on and obtain the correct certificate. It was filed in and I was born in Please help cause I want my passport sooo bad! That is not uncommon for an amended birth certificate to filed at a later date.

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Usually this is due to the amendment. Just make sure when ordering your PA birth certificate that you enter all the information from after the adoption took place such as, adopted parents and your name. If you are unsure about the requirements or the information to request please contact the Pennsylvania vital records office. For employment verification, in the state of Texas, I have a potential employee that has a digital copy of his birth certificate.

Do I have to have a hard copy of the certificate, or is a digital or photocopy sufficient providing that the image is of the certified copy? Typically an actually hard copy of the certified birth certificate is required. Some employers may accept a digital copy as long as its accompanied by their the SS card and valid State I.

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It is probably best to check with the human resource department within your company to find what is required. You can order a certified copy of your birth certificate through our services. Greetings: My first name was changed approximately 6 days after my birth. If your birth certificate was legally changed then you will only be able to obtain a copy of the certificate with the amendment applied.

Some states will include the original name and information along with the amendment showing the change. If you need to order a new certified copy of your birth certificate you can do so at Vitalchek. Was this the birth certificate for some states, like Virginia, in the past and up or is there also a long form on file? Hello Dawn- There are some states that have issued birth registration cards in the past. There may even be a few that still do. I just tried and failed at getting my MN license. My question is why is MN giving me a hard time even though I have a valid license from another state?

I already ordered a real birth certificate from my state and it will be here next week. Most states now require a certified copy of your birth certificate to obtain a driver license. Where as a heirloom copy may have been good for just about everything before the laws have changed especially over the last 15 years or so. This could be the reason that you now have to prove your citizenship with a certified state or county issued birth certificate.

I know we have had to do this in the state of TN for at least the last 10 years. Hello, I am planning to get the real id in my state nv and it indicates a hospital birth certificate is not valid?

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Does that just mean a certificate of live birth with no seal is not valid? Hello Dawn and thank you for your question. Most states now require a certified state orcounty issued copy of your birth certificate and will no longer except a hospital copy when obtaining a state I. I ordered a copy of mine and my husbands birth certificates. My husbands came back with his mother first initial only and last name.

Hello Amber and thank you for your question. Has your husbands certified birth certificates in the past listed his mothers full name? If yes, then I would suggest he contacts the vital records office that sent it to him and find out why they sent it to him this way? I ordered a copy of my BC through Vital Check to obtain a passport..

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It does not list the hospital , Doctor or time of birth. Will there be an issue with that… It does list parents name.

California Becomes First State to Introduce Gender-Neutral Birth Certificates

Good morning Joyce and thank you for your question. A lot of certified birth certificate will not list the hospital or time of birth. The State or county vital records office are the ones that make that determination. You should not have a problem obtaining a passport due to the lack of that information. Please let us know if there are any issues. Is the Old birth certificate still valid or only the last updated?

Hello Monika, The up to date version with the amendment applied to it would be the valid birth certificate. Once that child has to obtain a state I. There may be places that would accept the old birth certificate not knowing there was a change however we would not suggest you use it for verification of identity or any type of registration as that can lead to confusion in the future.

If the birth certificate you have does not list your parents names then you will have to order a new certified, long form copy. I just finished ordering a copy of my Michigan birth certificate. For reason, I marked identification. Good morning Brittani- Please contact our office at On my original brith certificate my name was misspelled and I had it corrected. When it was updated I received a certified copy with the updated information at the bottom of the paper. Needless to say, I lost that copy. I just requested a long form birth cert.

My question is will the birth certificate have the correct spelling or will it be my original birth cert the one with the incorrect spelling? Hello Felecia and thank you for your question. If you had your certificate amended and you received a copy reflecting the correction you should receive this same certificate every time.

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  • I was born in Hawaii in Is that true? Hello David and thank you for your question. If the passport office is saying that the copy of the birth certificate you have is not sufficient for a passport and you believe it should be, the place that would know best what type of certificate you actually have is Hawaii Vital Records. When you contact them let them know what the passport agency is telling you. Unfortunately VitalChek cannot assist with vital records from Hawaii however we can provide you with their contact information Hopefully they will be able to help you get to the bottom of this and get you what you need so that you may obtain your passport.

    Typically, birth certificates being used for legal purposes, such as obtaining an ID card, need to be certified by the vital record agency issuing the document — as a security measure.

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    Original birth certificates may not have the proper certification, especially if they were issued more than 20 years prior, which is why they are generally not accepted for such legal purposes. If you need to obtain a birth certificate in order to get a passport, you can order the birth certificate either through our website at VitalChek. Hi, I have a question. My son was born in May of Fast forward to now… I went to our health dept to officially take 1 letter out of his first name, only because people keep mispronouncing it.

    I paid for it to be done, plus bought a new birth certificate. My question is, what can we do now?

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    Thanks for any help! Kindly advise who will can contact? I am going on a closed loop cruise in three days.