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Randomly spawning cars are parked in the street-side outdoor lot that the player may access.

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The showroom will only be available for sale after the completion of Driving School and the mission Yay Ka-Boom-Boom , and after the player receives a phone call from Jethro , alerting Carl about the showroom. In addition to spawned vehicles, a Pay 'n' Spray spray shop and San Fierro's TransFender modification garage are both located within the grounds of Wang Cars.

During the events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas , when he arrives in San Fierro , protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson realizes he has been tricked into accepting an abandoned garage in the industrial neighborhood of Doherty as his prize for beating Claude and Catalina in a street race. But before he can slip into self-pity, his sister Kendl Johnson and his closest ally from Los Santos , Cesar Vialpando , urge Carl to turn the garage into a successful chop-shop.

Carl's new friend, The Truth , mentions a few local friends of his, Dwayne , Jethro , and Zero , who would be willing to work in the garage, and the two men set off to locate them.

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Later, as Carl's new business is expanding, he decides that setting up a legitimate front in San Fierro would offset the illegal activities of the Doherty garage. The perfect opportunity is just up the street from the garage: the Wang Cars dealership in Downtown. Carl and Cesar set off to steal cars to put on display in the showroom in order to maintain the appearance of legitimacy.

With all of his automotive "businesses" in place, Carl begins to rake in the profits, thereby establishing himself as an entrepreneurial force in San Fierro. The two-floor design of the showroom, coupled with poor pathfinding of NPC AI, results in hostile law enforcements NPCs being unable to reach the player quickly if the player is holed up within the showroom; in addition, police helicopters will not pursue the player if the player hides within the confines of the showroom.

The showroom's built-in body shops and readily available civilian vehicles also make escapes from the law far easier.

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